Saturday, 11 December 2010

Youth Group Games

I’ve started volunteering at a local youth group and I come up with games for the kids. One of the first games I came up with was designs from Do You Doodle by Nikalas Catlow. The book is brill, it’s like a colouring book except way more cool. Anyway I scanned some of the designs as follows to get the kids interested in drawing.

Another game I came up with was name that tune. This is a classic fun game that can be customized for the audience. For name that tune I copied 20 songs onto disk and people had to write down the artist and song name from the beginning of the song. This is a quick and easy game to make and always goes down well.

The most recent game I made for the Kids was the A-Z game. I gave them three images and they had to write down an object for each letter of the alphabet for each. These are the images I used....