Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The 5 Senses Birthday Party

This is the most recent birthday party I’ve had. My birthdays in July and this year I decided to have a 5 senses party. The idea is that the games would be based around the 5 senses, smell, touch, taste, hear and sight! I thought this theme would provide a more grown up appeal and add a bit more sophistication to my parties.
For the invitation, I wanted to try something totally different so I got some triangle shaped boxes and put sweets and a message inside. These were really cute, I got the boxes off a party supplies website!

For touch I had the moisturiser game. I bought about five miniature moisturisers and put them into a letter pot, for example Nivea could have been A etc. I provided a score sheet and guests could test lettered pots and guess which the moisturiser it might be.

For taste we had chocolate tasting, this was similar to the moisturiser testing in that you had to guess from the chocolate which brand it was. I provided bowls of chocolate with letters on and names of chocolate brands. Guests had to match them up. I did this game with different cookies also.

For smell I had perfume testing. I sprayed perfume onto pieces of card and guests had to guess from the smell which perfume it was from the list of perfumes given to them.

For touch I had gift wrapped boxes and the idea was that an object was inside and you had to guess what the object was. Although these were for touch I found the boxes to be interesting visuals because of the wrapping paper I used.

For sight I experimented with stereogram’s which are images inside a pattern. These were quite tricky in the end and possibly too difficult for a party game. The idea was good but guests found it hard to find the shape within the pattern.

For sound I collected some images from Flickr and guests had to translate the image to other guests with the use of sound. This was a really funny game and the sounds made me laugh!

For the games that had a bit of every kind of sense I did those games at the end. I made a 5 senses quiz where you would find out your perfect match through the use of 5 senses. I made handouts after the guests had finished the quiz.

I also did a lush soaps quiz where guests had to name the soaps from their appearance, this game was half sight half smell. The easiest sense to work with from obviously sight, so I made extra games for this sense. I did guess the celebrity from the Lego figure and guess the celeb featured on the Simpsons!

The gift bags turned out well. I bought yellow boxes online and decorated them with ribbon. I put lots of different things inside like samples, sweets, perfume, candle and more. The little bits were relevant to the 5 senses.

The colour scheme was bright to go with the sense sight.  I made a party game book from acetate and described all the games in that.