Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Superhero Themed Party // Energy Drink Game

This game is a fill out sheet game to create your own energy drink. Circle five different fillings for your energy drink. Make it mad or delicious it’s up to you. Compare answers with other party guests :-)

Superhero Themed Party // Caption Game

One at a time an image will be presented which has possibilities for funny captions. Look at the image and create a dream or speech caption to go with it. Write it down and put your slip of paper in a bowl. Take turns to take a slip of paper from the bowl, read out the ideas and guess who wrote it. Continue the same with all eight images.

Superhero Themed Party // Superhero Mime Game

This is a mime game with a bit of a difference. Firstly there are two packs of cards one labelled 5 points and one labelled 10 points. Take turns to pick a card up and act out the superhero mime. An example could be ability to shoot webs and you would act this out. If someone in the room guesses your answer you receive the number of points on the card chosen. Play out until the cards are gone or until a set time. The winner is the person who was the best mime and therefore received the most points.

Superhero Themed Party // Build A Superhero Army

First turn to the banner with words on the front. Choose 6 separate words that interest you for your army and jot them down on the fill in sheet. Make sure to write down the number as the next step is to match up the number on the next banner. Match up the word/number to the highly powerful or bogus candidates for you superhero army. Who has the best army? Compare with others in the group!


Superhero Themed Party // Superhero/Villain Silly Name Generator

This game had me in stitches as the words are just so silly. We came up with some awesome names. Basically I had two boards of words and the idea was to pair one word from one board with one word from another. So ‘Beanbag’ and ‘Cop’ would be ‘Beanbag Cop’ and so on.

Superhero Themed Party // Superhero Sex Appeal Game

This game is a bit a laugh and not to be taken too seriously. Answer three questions such as who is the sexiest superhero/villain and write you reasons on a slip of paper, fold it up and put it into a bowl. At the end pick answers out of the bowl and guess whose answer it is :-)

Superhero Themed Party // Secret Identities Superhero Trivia Quiz

I thought a trivia quiz was a must for my superhero party. This one consisted of 20 questions all based around the secret identity of lots of superheroes. I thought I would give you a preview into some of the questions with the answers in red :-)