Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My friend Helens 25th Birthday – What I got her!

I had so much fun shopping for Helens birthday presents and she seemed to really appreciate what I had bought her. All of the contents of this beauty bag were bought at Primark. I bought individual items and packed them together in a personalised beauty hamper. 

Most of the items I found by the till – you know those bowls you can find? Well I rummaged through these are found many wonderful items. I also had a good look around the hair and accessories department which is where I spotted the hair brushes in different sizes as well as hair elastics. 

Also the little girls section actually had a few interesting bits – this is where I found the mini hairbrush and hair bobbles set. Each individual item was about a couple of quid and added up to a total of about £15 including the actual make up bag.

I liked how nearly everything was pink or red, this kind of added to the luxury of the hamper. If you have been inspired by this present idea, I would definitely recommend popping into Primark for your own pamper pack. Primark stock these sorts of items all year round and have a great selection of reasonably priced makeup bags.