Sunday, 11 January 2015

Superhero Themed Party // Real or No Real Game

The idea behind this game was to circle 5 authentic superhero/villains from the bogus ones. Each guest was given a sheet of names and they must draw a circle around there guesses. I’ve included the answers in this post too!

Superhero Themed Party // Pot Luck Game

This was a very simple game consisting of place cards with mystery boxes on the top. Take turns to turnover a card and if you get a superman logo you carry on however if you get the Kryptonite symbol you are out of the game. My friends seemed to enjoy this game even if the concept was quite simple :-)

Superhero Themed Party // Choose an Outfit for Today

The idea behind this game was to put together an outfit by taking turns to choose a place card. There were place cards for shoes, trousers, tops, jumpers etc and you keep picking a card until you have an outfit together.

At the end everyone turns over the place cards to reveal different items of clothing and to see if there outfit looks good or not! :-)

Superhero Themed Party // Create Your Own superhero Game

This game was in a form of a hand-out that I designed on Photoshop. The idea behind it was to draw a superhero or villain over the template and then fill in details about what you have created. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to play this game in the end but I thought I would include in on my blog!

Superhero Themed Party // Banana Split Making Game

For each themed party I made sure there was a food game. For this party I wanted to do banana split. This seemed to go down really well.

Ingredients included bananas, ice-cream, wafers, different kinds of sweets, squirty cream etc. Everyone’s came out differently which I liked and there were some quite creative designs.

Superhero Themed Party // The Party Bags & Game Prizes

I was really delighted with how the party bags turned out. The actual bags were just so appropriate for the superhero theme and the other decorations.

I was lucky enough to get given loads of perfume samples for the party bags. I went round different perfume counters in my local town and asked if I could have some for party favours. I was overwhelmed to receive so many!! I also included other little bits such as a lipstick, sweets, mints, tissues, a nail file etc.

I bought a few little prizes for some of the games. I got everything from either Pound Land or Pound World. I found some real bargains such a book and hair turban etc.

Superhero Themed Party // The Food Buffet

I placed a groceries shop online for the party food and it got delivered. I bought a mixture of things including cakes, cookies, pop, chips, savoury snacks etc.

My Mum helped with the buffet. She did such a good job decorating the table to make it look professional. I loved her attention to detail. Heres a few snaps…

Superhero Themed Party // The Photo Booth Game

This game made the party for me and really fitted into the Superhero theme with the different props. We got some cracking photos and it was one of the most fun games to play. I bought a photo booth props set online and I was really pleased with it :-)

I also included place cards. When it was your turn pick an emotion/action and a number. The emotion or action must be acted out with the props and the number represents how many people are included in photo. We used a bottle to spin to determine who's go it was.