Friday, 10 December 2010

Pretty In Pink 21st Birthday Party

I’ve been doing themed parties for a while now however pretty in pink was a party theme I did a while back.  I found making games for pretty in pink quite easy because using the colour pink was quite a simple way of linking game ideas together.

One of the most memorable games from my pretty in pink party was wool tangle. I came up with this idea from one of my favourite party game resource books (Need to know? Party Games). Anyway wool tangle consists of having (pink) wool and tangling it round a chair. The idea is that after this you must swap the chair you have and untangle the yarn before other people to win! It’s quite an active game and lots of fun. Dining room chairs are most suitable for this game because they have bars across the back and the yarn can be fed through. Anyway this game was lots of fun!

Another memorable game was design your own gingerbread man and of course there was pink/red icing to go with the pretty in pink theme. This game went down well and it gave the guests a chance to let out there inner creative self.

In terms of the party food, we had the usual party nibbles. I also made strawberries and marshmallow kebabs, these made the table look nice. The mini doughnuts and brownies were popular also. 

On a final note, on the invitation I asked everyone to wear pink! I wore a river island dress which had pink and grey in it!

Also I made up some pink bags with treats to hand out at the end!