Thursday, 14 April 2011

Youth group – The Zig Zag game

I often play games with the youth group kids and the zig zag game went down very well. Its quite a simple game to understand with simple rules.
To play the game you have cards with words that match up on the back. Lay them on a table or the floor and go round in a circle to pick up two pieces of card. Each card has a pair for example zig and zag, daisy and chain, banana and split. The winner is the person with the most pairs at the end!

I thought of this game from my head but my inspiration for the game was paddy Mcguisiness TV show – take me out! He has catch phrases which I copied some and thought of other pairs from this source. This is the link to the tv shows home page....

These are the words I ended up using....

Zig -Zag
Belly - Button
Monkey - Nuts
Lolly - pop
Treasure - Chest
See - Saw
Cat - Cream
Bubble - Bath
Apple - Crumble
Prawn - Cracker
Whoopee - Cushion
Toad - Hole
Banana - Split
Daisy - chain
Happy - Birthday

Barbie Party – An unusual theme; making it work as an adult theme!

For all you party planning fanatics, you may be familiar with hostess a party theme blog. I was browsing this blog and came across a Barbie themed party. 

I used to love Barbie’s and embarrassingly had a couple of Barbie parties (no not barbecue!). On the link I was looking at, they had turned a simple kids party theme; Barbie! And made it into a Hollywood, classy and cool party for adults!

(image not mine, it is from

I just love the way the theme has been executed with lots of style. Please feel free to follow the link for a look in! .... In addition check out the hostess blog, there’s lots of cool ideas!

Gift bags - Happy Easter!

These Easter inspired gift bags are great to give to friends and family. I was inspired to make these from some fancy chocolates I saw at the supermarket.

To make them, I used transparent bags so the sweets could be viewed before the bag is opened. I used simple ribbon and curled it with some ribbon. I went for yellow and gold ribbon to emphasize sunny Easter colours.

I bought some lovely confetti online, with bunny rabbit heads, eggs and spring flowers. The Easter themed confetti worked really well, and sparkled with the different coloured chocolate wrappers.


Transparent bags from £1.85 for 30

Easter confetti also from £2.20

Chocolates and Chocolate egg selection for the Co-op supermarket.

Happy Mother’s Day – Just for you, Mum

I gave my Mum a clothes hamper for her mother’s day present. In the hamper, there was a zebra bag, a black purse and a pink and grey zebra print scarf. I bought them from the peacock’s website online.
I was given an old shoebox, which I decorated. I used a large purple plastic bag and lined the box with this. For the cover, I used light green flower wrapping paper by Rachel Taylor, an interesting surface pattern artist, who sells products/cards/wrapping paper etc with her art on.

I love recycling old boxes, for example shoe boxes and packaging that comes through the post. I think reusing things is also more eco friendly!

My Mum loved her gift, she particularly liked the scarf, and she said it was her colours!

Purple plastic material – recycled packaging

Rachel Taylor wrapping paper - also originally bought from

Zebra bag, zebra scarf and black purse all bought from