Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Mothers Day Gifts & Wrapping Belated Post

I had lots of fun with the mother’s day gift project and thought I would spoil my Mum a little more than usual this year. The main wrapping themes included big bold ribbon bows and magazine cut-outs. I wanted the style of the present wrapping design to be girly and fun.

I choose a couple of the most special presents and spent most time on wrapping these. I found a beautiful black silk ribbon, which originally came from a chocolate box. I used this with a contrasting piece of yellow tissue paper, the finished effect looked quite elegant.

I bought some funky gift wrap a while ago on the Paperchase website. The design was pastel elephants and this fitted the girly Mother’s day theme well. I added string and pink paper ribbon. In addition I added a green paper hat, which came from a Christmas cracker. Before my Mum opened the present, she put the paper hat on; I thought it was really funny!

The presents I bought include chocolate, a candle, a body spray, a mirror and more. I saw some Me to You baby wipes in Poundland and thought my Mum would like them for when she paints her nails etc. I bought her a detangler comb, perfect for using after washing your hair. To go with it I bought some designer shampoo.

My Brothers Birthday – Presents from me to him

Generally my brother is very hard to buy for but this year he seemed pretty chuffed with a few of the bits I got him. He seemed most pleased with the humour book about chickens, as he has pet chickens in the back garden. Also he thought the lynx bullet sprays were a nice idea, great for on the go and you can pop them in your bag. do playing cards with different characters on them, my brother likes the Simpsons so thought Simpsons playing cards would go down well. Other bits I bought include toiletries and chocolate.

I tried to make the personalised wrapping paper more masculine, using more male colours and materials. At the moment I’ve been enjoying using grid paper to decorate items and I’ve been collecting different patterns. I believe decorating with this and including brown string makes a great present design for males.

The general colour scheme for the wrapping was monochrome but I added a few more colours bits. I had a recycled yellow paper bag; I used this to make a mini hamper from the chocolate bars I bought. I decorated the outside with red ribbon and an image of a cupcake.