Friday, 23 March 2012

Lucies Birthday – Pink Fashion Layout

My friend had invited me to her birthday outing. We went to Newcastle in the day time and had meal and went around the shops.

I wanted to make a special effort with the gift, as the actual present was only a box of chocolates so decided to make it a bit more special with sophisticated wrapping.

Since the beginning of my Parties and Presents blog, I’ve done many different wrapping designs, this one has to be one of my favs. I’ve improved my wrapping and design skills and was very pleased with the results.

I looked carefully in fashion magazines and ripped pages out that I thought were suitable. I kept to a pastels theme and this worked well. I made a number of card squares and stuck them on top of each other to make the topper.

Afterwards I wrapped the chocolates and stuck the magazine style topper right on top. I added pink paper string and a cupcake style gift tag.

Valentines (belated post)

Ok so Valentines Day is long gone but I did some wrapping for my Mum as a favour and thought it was worth blogging. I worked on a smaller budget, using simple accessories and spent less time on it.

I used a blue and pink theme, including ribbons and tissue paper etc in these colours. I wrapped the chocolates in a cello bag and added shredded paper for decoration and to keep the chocolate hidden.

The other presents included plants/bubs from Poundland, these were fairly big inside so I decided to use tissue paper, as its quite inexpensive. I used string and ribbon to decorate.