Friday, 19 August 2011

For A Friend: New Look Birthday Present

At the begging of August, it was my close friend’s birthday. I wanted to get her something special and because she loves fashion (like me!); I decided to get her a couple of things from New Look.

I bought her a tan snake skin bag and a feminine beaded necklace. Also I got her two vest tops (one in dark orange and one in a mink/brown colour). My idea was they could be worn (mix and match!) together.

I put the tops and the necklace inside the bag like a hamper. I wrapped it up with elephant wrapping paper (from Paperchase) and gold ribbon (recycled). I put the package in a reused girly gift bag.

Holiday Pairs Game

This was a project my mum had set me for our family holiday. She had asked me to make a pairs game with interesting themes relating to our annual holiday in the North York Moors.

In the pair’s game, to play it, you turn all the cards over so the image is on the reverse. Then flip two cards up at a time, if you get an appropriate pair then you keep the pair. Every pair you get right, you get another go but if you get it wrong it’s the next persons turn. The person with the most pairs at the end is the winner.

It was a really fun project, examples of pairs I came up with include tennis and ball, a fish and fishing, pool and a 50p and more.

There are other themes which are more unique to our holiday. For example I did Barbie and Ken for a pair because me and my mum made a Barbie photography project (CLICK TO VIEW) this year. 

Here are some of the pairs I’ve photo blogged...

My 24th Birthday Presents

This is a bit of a late blog but here are the presents I got for my 24th Birthday. I got lots of lovely presents like DVDs, magazines, lovely shampoo and perfume and more.

You may be wondering why I got a Barbie magazine; my Mum has started making clothes for Barbie’s and making a little project out of it and it was her idea of a joke to buy me a Barbie magazine!

Also I was given some recipe books which I’ve started baking from. I just recently made marble cake which was fun!

Anyway I wanted to share the kind of presents I got so decided to blog!

Monday, 15 August 2011

World Wide Web Party – Uncanny Valley or Human?

This game, from the world wide web party was one of my personal favs. The concept of the game was based on a phrase called ‘uncanny valley’.

Basically this means a computer generated image made to look like a human, giving off a creepy vibe.

It was a fun game that we played as a group, discussing images and whether they might be human or uncanny valley.


Can you guess which is which? Email me for the answers!

World Wide Web Party – Useless Inventions Pitch

My inspiration for this game came from recently finishing a business growth course. I wanted to reflect some of the skills I had acquired in a fun way.

I Google useless inventions in Google and stuck a variety of wacky inventions that to be honest where pretty useless.

The group was split into pairs and each team had to come up with a fantastic pitch to sell there chosen useless invention!

World Wide Web Party – Are You ‘Like’ Angel or A Devil?

The aim of this game is to find out if you are an angel or a devil. Everyone is handed a sheet and people have to circle ten of their favourite images. At the end, count up how many is red and how many are blue.

The more red options chosen, the more likely you are a devil. The more blue, the more likely you are an angel. The results are worked out as a percentage which is on the back of the sheet.

World Wide Web Party – Net Geek-O-Meter

The net geek-o-meter was a quiz with a difference. Each guest received a geek-o-meter grid and filled their personal graph in as the game progressed.

I asked them twelve questions, making twelve points of the graph. At the end everyone compared results, and it was realised that Emily and Zoe were the biggest net geeks. Guests could keep their net-geek results!

World Wide Web Party – My Heritage (Look-A-Like Game)

Each year I have used portraits of my party guests and made it into a game somehow.  My inspiration for this game started when I was experimenting with photographs on My Heritage website.

My heritage is a website, where you can upload pictures and find out who your look-a-likes are. I did most of the work for this game through My Heritage website and made screen dumps of the results.

The purpose of the game was to match up celebrity cut outs to your image. Everyone had their own image grid but the celebrities faces where mixed up. As a team effort we put the faces on the right person’s grid.

World Wide Web Party – Internet Word Pairs

This game is based on internet words with double meanings. After researching into a list of words, I started finding appropriate images for them.

I placed the internet images on blue card and random images on yellow card. The game works just the same as the classic pairs game but the pairs are slightly more difficult to spot. Examples include spam, icon and so on.

World Wide Web Party – Pin the hand on Justin

This was an adaptation of pin the tail of the donkey. But instead it was a poster of Justin Timberlake and guests had to stick a hand on his body.

The idea being to see which part of his body was most attractive. It was basically a game of luck, as guests were blind folded like in the normal game of pin the tail on the donkey.

This was a cool game and more age appropriate for late teens and older.  The idea wasn’t meant to be taken over seriously, just something that would make people laugh.

World Wide Web Party – Face Party Pass the Parcel

Pass the parcel is a classic party game but normally it’s used at children’s parties. Id decided I wanted to produce a pass the parcel game that was suitable for women who were in late teens or older.

It was easier than I imagined, I choose to develop the face idea, which consisted of using images of funny faces. This developed through photography, putting a funny face on each layer of the parcel and using a disposable camera to catch the guest trying to pull that face!

The face party game is based on networking website called face party. This game relates to that kind of networking sites which need photos for profile images etc. I think it make a nice tie in for the world wide web theme and a great adaptation from the original pass the parcel game.


World Wide Web Party – Random eBay Purchases

This is another game based on eBay. I didn’t actually go on eBay for this game; I typed in strange eBay purchases into Google and clicked on a separate link.

The link I used was:

I copied and pasted images from this website and stuck them on a poster. The twist in the game, was that guests had to answer questions about the objects, for example ‘Which purchase would you give as a present?’ etc.

Ebay Parody Song - Weird Al Yankovic

World Wide Web Party – eBay Parody Quiz

Out of all the world wide web party games, this was one of my favourite and most successful and fun for my guests.

The idea behind this game is I played a YouTube video which was an eBay parody. It’s a really funny video which I have linked to this blog.

The idea is that guests had to watch this YouTube video on the computer and then they are given a sheet of questions about the video they have just watched.

World Wide Web Party – Google is your Friend

For this game, you have to guess acronyms of well known phrases you might say on chat rooms, text or msn etc.

Some are more obvious than others, for example OMG (Oh My God) can pop up in casual convosation, where as Google is your friend (GIYF) is less well known.

I believe this was one of the games we didn’t have enough time to play, but I enjoyed making it!

World Wide Web Party – Fortune Cookies

This game is quick and simple, the idea is to pick up a card and read your fortune. My inspiration came after looking up internet jargon words on the web. I decided to make some games relating to double meanings. For example cookie is a term used on the internet; I put a twist on it by making a game about real cookies!

I came up with the fortune messages myself, they all related to the internet in some way. For example, you will make a friend on facebook this week etc. Unfortunately we ended up not having enough time to play this game, so I never got any feedback.

World Wide Web Party – Battle of the Surf Boys

Battle of the boys is a game I design every year at my birthday party. To incorporate the world wide web theme, I choose men who looked like or were surfers. This was a subtle way to include the surfing the net idea.

The classic battle of the boys game consists of circling a man from each line labelled A, B or C. The idea is to find out if you like mostly A, B or C and then there is a conclusion to read at the end.

The conclusion this year was that guests either liked surfers, surfer hair models or famous men that look like surfers.

World Wide Web Party – Internet Dating Meets Guess Who

This game was originally inspired by Guess Who, the board game made for younger children. I decided I wanted to develop it into a more grown up game for women in their twenties.

I went on MySpace and picked out 28 eligible men and used their profile images for the game. The rules are very similar to guess who except the game was played as a group, and one guest must be chosen to pick their most eligible man.

Guests must narrow down there search for the chosen man and the winner is the first to guess who the chosen guest has picked out as their favourite.