Friday, 1 July 2011

Gifts for my Dads birthday

For my dad’s birthday presents, I used old beano magazine pages, and made it into wrapping paper. I then bought complimentary bright day glow ribbons to go with them.

In addition, I used stripy tissue paper; I bought the ribbons and tissue paper both from paperchase online.

I bought my Dad the Andy Murray autobiography, catch me if you can DVD and a ted baker bath set.

Late Father’s day post

This year I was pretty unorganised with father’s day. I ended up buying online and then on father’s day I went on a day trip and ended up wrapping when I got back so my dad opened his presents in the evening instead.

In terms of the wrapping, I kept it simple, using brown paper and gold ribbon. I bought my dad the Adele 19 CD, some tennis socks, a t-shirt and a sports shirt.

Anyone these are my father’s day related photographs...


Film clips game

This game incorporates film clips from teen films. I made the game for the youth group kids; therefore felt using teen films was important.

The idea is that I showed the kids the images and they had to jot down on paper which film they thought the film clip was from!

Capturing the clips, was quite time consuming, I used a camera, taking pictures of the films on the telly. However I had made the images before for a previous party, therefore decided to recycle images.

These are the film clips I used...

Wild child, the bratz, St Trianians 1, mean girls, step up 2

Funny faces game

Out of all the games I’ve done, this has to be one of my favs because it’s so silly and really fun! My inspiration came from star trek species, because they have some really funny faces.

I actually incorporated some of the faces from this game from star trek species. I also included celebrities, well known characters etc too!

The rules are simple; pick and choose head, eyes, nose and mouth from the selection of face cut-outs. The most inventive, funny face is the winner. You can make the game more interesting, by turning the cards over and making the selection random.