Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas Party 2009

Every year I organise a Christmas party. I decided to blog last years and this years since we are in the Christmas period. I came up with a range of games to get guests in the festive mood.
I found loads of really cute Christmas animals on Flickr, I decided to use them in a game. The idea is to circle the animal you think is the cutest. Its just a quick game to get people in the party mood.

A similar game I did involved choosing the tastiest treat. Humour was included, for example using a man with a six pack as well as other things like cocktails/Christmas dinner etc

Because at Christmas is related to festive parties, I decided to make a game relating to party dresses. The idea behind this was that I choose twelve dresses from the internet and labelled them A-H. Each guest must choose their favourite dress and circle it. Then guests must guess which dress is suited to other people in the room and put their name next to the dress. This game works with a smaller number of people who already know each other quite well.

Name that teddy was always a favourite of mine at Christmas fairs, so I decided to recreate that game for my own Christmas party. I went on flickr at found some really bizarre teddy bears. The idea is there is a list of teddy names and guests must match the name to the picture!

I love making games with celebrities on them, so I decided to get well known pictures of famous people and Photoshop a Christmas hat over there face. The idea would be to guess the celebrity!


Because strictly come dancing is always on at Christmas, I got some of the dresses from the show off the internet and made it into a game. I made an answer sheet with my friends as the judges (PhotoShoped on!) and provided a poster of the dresses in order. Guests would write down a number between 1 and 10 depending on how much they liked the style of these dresses.

Another game was guess the film year, I provided the selection of film DVD covers and the list of appropriate years. The guests must match the year to the film.