Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas Party 2010

This party is the most recent of my parties. I had my Christmas party 2010 about a week or so ago. The party was a great success and I came up with lots of games for it.

One of the games was called circle the real Santa. The idea was to pick a Santa which in your imagination looks like the real Santa. There was a real answer however it’s down to personal preference which Santa you think is most authentic. Some of the Santa’s looks a bit like criminals, I got a real mixture of Santa’s and I think the collection is very humorous.

Another game which was also Santa related, was called which Santa would you? There was a list of questions such as which Santa would you most like to date and why and which would make the worst Santa etc. This was a popular game and we got some very funny combinations!

I also made a game called which Christmas are you? I got some bauble images online and made a cool quiz. I used posters to make the game more visual and at the end you received a answer sheet with your bauble on it!

What’s in my bag was a game where you had to guess which Christmas occasion I was going to. So I created photographs on a bag and its contents related to different occasions. This game turned out well and it was a fun game to do.

Also related to fashion, we had what’s your favourite party bag. I selected a range of party bags from online shops and guests had to pick their favourite and also bags which they thought were other peoples favourites. I did this game twice but he second one was party shoes!

Since x factor is a significant thing to me at Christmas, I did a game where you had to guess all the contestants that got through to the live shows!
One of the games that worked the best included mistletoe kiss. With this game I had blue and pink cards blue for boys and pink for girls. We played the game like a normal pairs game except the pairs where couples that would kiss under the mistletoe, we had lots of funny combinations come up!

We played pass the parcel and because there were five people, everyone choose a number on a dice, and when there number came up they could open a layer. Each layer had a small sample of perfume/chocolate etc

We played what would you take if you were stuck in the North Pole, for you and chosen celebrities. For the celebrity version, I recycled cards so guests could use them to write on the back for the answers.

Spot the difference was a cool game. I did it with a twist, the image was from last year’s Christmas party and I had photoshoped the original image to create spot the difference.

There were a couple of other games but those were the main ones. Here are some of the pictures from the party!