Friday, 17 August 2012

Youth Group Game – Smiley Emotions

This game has been recycled from a previous game event.  I decided that the game would be really fun for the kids at the youth group.

The idea is to think of different emotions for a blank smiley icon face. There was a range of answers and I was impressed with their creativity. They also managed to portray emotions that they were feeling at the time, which I thought was really positive.

Youth Group Game – The Pic and Mix Game

This game was very simple. I asked the children to either work in pairs or alone and list as many pic and mix sweets as they can.

The leaders joined in the game too and it was interesting for them to remember sweets they loved as a child.

The contrast with that and the modern day sweets was apparent, it was a lovely link and conversations developed between the youths and leaders.

Here is a list of sweets that I had prepared beforehand that were useful when looking through the children’s answers:

Marshmallows, Flying saucers, Fried eggs, Pear drops, Jelly Babies, Jelly beans, Milk bottles, Aniseed Balls,  Gob stoppers, Éclairs, Dolphins, Snakes, Love Hearts,  Candy Peanuts, Mint Imperials, White Mice, Jazzies, Dolly Mixtures, Jelly Strawberries, Cola Bottles, Fizzy Bottles, Dummies, Fruit salads, Turkish delight, Midget gems and Jelly cherry lips.

Youth Group Game – Draw from Memory

This game develops the children’s drawing skills and it’s also very fun too. I gave the children three images and they were given around 1-2 min to memorise the image and then the image was taken away. They were given 4-5 minutes to draw from what they remembered.

To develop their interest in the game, I used images which I believed they could relate too or find amusing. For example the star pizza was quite difficult to draw yet all the kids remembered it because they liked pizza.

Youth Group Game – Guess the Length

As part of the game you must guess, three different lengths, which will be given in metres, inches or cm.

After you have guessed your first measurement with your counters, you must sit back down while a leader measures you answer with a tape measure. The same will happen when guessing the two other measurements.

Everyone must have a go at one question first before they move onto the next question. There is a small prize for the most accurate guess for each of the three questions.

With you name counters.....
1.)    Guess how long two metres is
2.)    Guess 50 inches is
3.)    Guess 106 inches is

This game was very successful. I found that different kids had different strategies, one child estimated there foot length and then guessed the length by walking foot to foot.

Youth Group Game – Occupation

This was a super fun drawing game. The kids had to use their imagination to create fashion drawings which represent an occupation. I was impressed with the children’s creativity and have included photos of there drawings!


Youth Group Game – Guess the Price

I wanted to illustrate themes from the summer holidays. The idea behind the game is there are three holiday themed objects. I choose a standard piñata, an inflatable shark and a classic swing ball.

I found these items on Amazon and recorded the price for each. I printed out images of each item and created little cards for the kids to guess the price for each. The idea being the closest guess wins.

Because there were three items, there were three chances to win. It was quite a simple game that I thought of quite last minute. Despite this it went down a treat!

Present Wrapping: Emzies 25th Presents

My friend Emma had her 25th birthday in July, a week after mine. This year we decided to buy each other surprises as often we know exactly what we want so often miss out of surprises from each other.

I bought her a next bag, a lovely pri mark make me gorgeous make up bag, hair bands, a next pink bath set and a next pink (strawberry flavour) lipbalm. Emzie particularly liked the bag and I was so pleased she liked it!

The fashion bag was quite big therefore bought a giant gift bag. I choose some trendy wrapping paper which was lovely too. These were bought from card factory.

Present Wrapping: Father’s Day

Father’s day came a week early this year for my Dad as we were on holiday on the proper date. 

I bought him a Gola bath set, some lovely Thornton’s Chocolates, some poppy seeds and pocket size deodorant.

My Dad seemed really pleased with what he got and wore his you’re the best Dad chocolate medal with pride! :) 

Present Wrapping: Dads Birthday

As a favour to my Mum I completed some special present wrapping. I created handmade ribbon, which I made by sewing different shaped material together using the sewing machine.

On some of the presents I included brown paper, special patterned tissue paper, recycled ribbons and other materials.

The presents were just from my Dads list therefore books, CDs etc. I made a special effort with the wrapping as only got one or two surprises.