Monday, 19 December 2011

Mums Bday – Collage Wrapping and Barbie Doll

My Mums birthday is in early December so often I buy her birthday and Christmas presents together and separated them into birthday/Christmas later when I wrap them.

Mainly for wrapping I used the theme of recycling magazine cut-outs. This worked really well and looked quite effective. Obviously most magazine pages are A4 size, so I chose around 4 pages which worked well together and stuck them together on the back with a little sticky tape.

I ripped the pages and there was an uneven tear down the edge.  This was a happy accident, because it created an unusual edge and created a nice effect where the pages were stuck together on the back.

I also experimented with other new gift wrapping techniques, for example using coloured paper bags id had left over from party favours. I decorated the bags, put some confetti inside and put little gifts inside the bags wrapped with tissue paper.

The actual presents I got included, hair bobbles, cosy socks, shampoo and conditioner and lots more. When my Mum opened the presents, I could clearly see her favourite gift was a fashion doll I had bought from a bargain shop for £1. My Mum collects dolls and gives them a makeover, for example repaints them and makes them new doll clothes.