Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Party 2011 - Pass The Parcel – Guess The Prize

This is an all time classic party game. I have done many variations of this game before, for example for my Birthday this year I made pass the party face party which I have blogged before. Face Party pass the party consisted of a throw away camera and a funny face on each layer of the parcel for guests to make!

Pass the parcel – guess the prize is a new version I came up with for my Christmas party. Each layer has a clue, and the idea is whowever the parcel has can ask a yes or no question, if the answer is yes then can open a new layer. You can’t guess out loud but if you keep getting ‘yes’ to the questions you ask, you can keep opening layers.

Here is a selection of clues inside the layers......

I am not bubble bath.

I am not coal.

I am not a Christmas cracker.

Giving it to a toddler would be pointless.

You cannot buy me in Morrison’s. is the note that I put on the pass the parcel...


 P.s I put 20p in the parcel! You can choose to put something else, maybe chocolate or soap etc