Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Party 2011

My Christmas party is a chance to swap presents, play games, eat party food and get into the festive spirit. I have one every year about a week or so before Christmas. This year I had it a week ago today.

I bought the party food from our local Co-op. They had 3 for £5 in the frozen party section. I chose oriental duck rolls, chicken bites and another chicken dish. I also bought some smarties cupcakes, popcorn, sweets and that sort of thing.

They must have liked the party food because we ate everything which was a first. In previous parties we had loads left over.

Unfortunately we forgot all about the banoffee pie so we ended up having that after everyone had left. This was unfortunate because it was delicious and my guests missed out...oh well lol.

I think the party went well.  We had secret Santa, however I bought all the gifts for £1 each and the guests gave me £1 and chose a gift from the Santa sack.


Keep tuned I will be blogging the games and presents/secret Santa later in more detail.