Wednesday, 10 August 2011

World Wide Web Party – Summer Smoothie Game

My intention with this game was to celebrate the summer heat and cool off with a cool summer drink. Despite the weather being pretty poor on the day, we had a blast making lots of different kinds of smoothies.

I gave everyone an empty glass and bowl. The idea was to fill the bowl with different fruit (fresh and tinned) as well as a selection of fruit juices. Each guest then liquidized the fruit in there bowl, added ice as an option and poured there smoothie into a glass.

I bought some cool drink decorations including umbrellas, tropical themed straws, and mixers and so on. It was a competition, so a winner for best taste, look/design and effort.

I was worried beforehand the drinks might taste not that nice, as id never made many smoothies before but I’m my opinion I think they tasted pretty nice.

I didn’t put ice in mine, but the ones that did, it made a huge difference to the overall taste and were nice and cool. The fruit we used included blueberries, raspberries, pineapple, and fruit cocktail etc.

Here are the photos from this game! = )


Things I bought for this game:

All drink accessories, such as straws came from I recommend Drink Stuff, they have a large selection and fair prices.

I bought the fruit from Sainsburies.