Wednesday, 10 August 2011

World Wide Web Party – Photographs from the Day

I wanted to blog some of my photos from the day of my birthday party. From the images, you get a feel of the party and the kind of things we got up to on the day.

I want to say thank you to my friend Emily M, for taking some of the pictures at the party! = ) These photos are a mixture of mine and Emily’s work.

This was one of my presents from Emma; she had decorated the bag very artistically. I love the thought that had gone in to it, I was chuffed with it = )

This is a close up of Emma filling in the eBay parody quiz, I like the crop of this shot, it tells a story from the day = )

Emily took this shot; we seem quite engrossed in what was going on at the time. It was a moment took while playing a game based on strange things you can buy on eBay!

This shot was also took by Emily, I like the way she’s cropped the image, focusing the attention on the game. Again this was about strange things you can buy on eBay, there were defiantly some strange items which I found using Google.

Emma in deep concentration while she was doing the ITunes – guess from the song game.

This was snap I took when everyone had come back from the buffet table. The potato smiles, Cornish pasties and Homer Simpson donuts went down well ; )

This shot by Emily, is of me while we were eating our food. She caught me while I was talking and not paying attention.

This is a classic of my friend Zoe; I took it while we were playing the net geek-o-meter game. She came 2nd from top, Emily came first!

My look-a-like game was based on my heritage website; a website made to generate look a likes from a photo. I made a game for the party from this, using images of my guests. The game idea consisted of matching celebrity images to a picture of you. It was a fun game and got people engaged = )

This was a capture from a team’s game we did, the idea was to pair up and come up with a humorous business pitch based on useless inventions!

I took this picture during a game called face party pass the parcel. Each layer had a face on it; whoever got the parcel must make that face for a disposable camera!

Pin the tail on the donkey is a classic party game, I decided to add elements of this and make it into a fun game for my friends. It was called pin the hand on Justin, and finding out which part of Justin you like the best. There were some giggles from this game = )