Wednesday, 10 August 2011

World Wide Web Party – The Goodie Bags for Guests

The goodie bags are one of my favourite parts of organising a themed party. I love putting the actual bag together in (whatever shape or form!) and going into town, getting little bargains for the bags.

I tend to spend £2.50 on the contents of each bag. I bought the eco friendly bags, fairly cheaply online and then made them look more designer like by adding world wrapping paper to the outside.

On the world wrapping paper, I turned it over and drew around a CD, to make a world shaped design. I stuck two world shapes, one on each side of the paper bag.

I noticed sweets are quite popular (and classic) for party gift bags. I also add more sophisticated items, for older people. This year I found it tricky to keep to the theme (World Wide Web) because it’s not a regular theme.

In the end, I went around the sea theme, for example sea minerals beauty products. This tied in with the world and ocean elements of my theme.

I bought retreat sea minerals bath soak, in miniature bottles. There was a offer for holiday mini products at Superdrug, so I made best use of this. Both the bath soak and the body scrub applied to the offer. I think it was ‘buy four get the fifth free’ or something along those lines.

I don’t normally tend to buy things from boots for the bags, because the prices are more expensive, however I noticed a sale shelf, and they had gorgeous hair masks in sample sachets which I thought went well with the sea minerals theme.

Additionally I got some lip balms in fruity flavours and phone stationary from Wilkinson’s. The stationary was a rubber and sharpener in the shape of a phone, and I figured because internet is common on phones these days, they would fit the theme just great! I also got some free samples, which I had been collecting. I got a few from asking at perfume counters.

What I bought and where from...

Retreat bath soak mini, vitamin body scrub – Superdrug

Phone rubber and sharpener, fruity lip balms set of four, multi pack of sweets – Wilkinson’s

Sea minerals hair mask, free samples – Boots

World wrapping paer £1.99 -

Brown eco friendly paper bags - online