Monday, 15 August 2011

World Wide Web Party – ITunes Download Playlist Game

The inspiration for this game was music, old as well as modern. In previous years, for my parties I’ve done name that tune. This game always goes down really well at parties because it’s fun to guess from the start of the song, which the artist or band may be.

This year, I wanted to develop a game around music but alter it slightly from the classic name that tune game. Because the theme was world wide web, I thought using the idea of ITunes might be a cool twist from classic music party games.

To create the game, I made a playlist on iTunes of songs I thought would be appropriate for the game. I then screen captured the iTunes playlist and started editing the image on Photoshop.

On some songs, I took out the song title, others the artist, album or year. I put the playlist onto a disk, and this was played at the party, while guests filled in the gaps on the sheet.