Wednesday, 10 August 2011

World Wide Web Party – The Game Book

Every year I make a game book, which consisted of a handmade book with all the games from the theme printed in it.

My inspiration came from a project at University about artists books (You can Google the term!). An artist’s book is basically an artist’s way of presenting visually, a project within a book.

At university, during the artist book project, I found the making of the books, very difficult. There is lots of craftsmanship in it, to get it just right. Since finishing uni, I have been trying to improve my skills, making artist books for my birthday parties. 

This one is made from white card. The front has been covered with world wrapping paper. I printed the game descriptions on graph paper and glued them onto the white card pages. I used vintage looking string to bind it.

Here are my results! = )