Sunday, 7 October 2012

Vintage Carnival Party: Party Bags

I bought the popcorn bags online, they fitted the theme really nicely and they have a retro look to them. They were also quite inexpensive too.

In the bags I included beauty products, such as a coconut body butter and fruity shower gel. Also I included stationery, such as a pencil and pencil sharpener.

I bought lots of chocolate and sweets to fill the bags up. Most of these were bought in places like Poundland etc. I bought the poppets chocolate in a discount food store.

The gift bags were lots of fun to make and my budget per bag was about £2.20. However I managed to get some free perfume samples from perfume shops. My Mum also bought some clown whistles as a gift to me and they worked really nicely in the gift bags.

Overall the effect of the gift bags work well. Guests loved receiving them and particularly liked the body butter and clown themed bits and pieces.