Monday, 8 October 2012

Vintage Carnival Party: Film Clip Quiz (Shes The Man)

After the World Wide Web party last year I had previously introduced games using YouTube clips. This year I included YouTube videos relating to vintage carnival. She’s the man has a interesting few scenes located at a vintage carnival.

The main characters Viola and Duke act out a scene at a kissing booth. Luckily I found this clip on YouTube. I’ve included the clip in this blog post so that you can watch it also.

Guests would watch the video clip and afterwards answer questions about what they had just watched. Some guests had recognised the clip from the film she’s The Man, others were unaware previously of the film.

We watched the YouTube clip on the TV, this added a new element to the party and guests interacted with things happened on the TV screen. Not everyone could answer all the questions but I felt it was a fun game to play.