Sunday, 7 October 2012

Vintage Carnival Party: Intro to my Birthday party 2012/Theme/The Game Book

As you may have guessed from the Blog post title, I had a vintage carnival themed party. The term carnival is more of an American word; in the UK we tend to say fun fair. I liked the wording better as carnival and many of my influences and ideas were more American anyway.

I had lots of ideas already for the theme and thought it had a lot of potential. I knew that I could base a lot of the games on the kind of things you get at carnivals and the decorations for this theme could be really fun.

I developed ideas around funfair stalls, for example high striker and hook a duck for the games. I used inspirations for food around the kind you get at carnivals. Things such as decorations and goody bags also fitted around the theme.

I made the book by hand and was created to show guests the type of games we would be doing. The game book had descriptions of all the games and included pictures. I did some Photoshop work on carnival pictures and put in my friends faces to make it look like they were at a carnival.