Monday, 8 October 2012

Vintage Carnival Party: Music Video Clip Quiz (Carnival of Rust)

I found this music video on YouTube and thought it would be really cool to include it in some sort of game. I’ve include the video in this blog post; I thought you guys would be interested to see it.

I only recently came across this song/video but maybe others have heard of it before. The concept for the music video is very interesting. I love watching it and the song is quite catchy too. The game rules are simply that you must fill in the gaps from an edited copy of the lyrics written down.

The feedback I was given from my friends was that the game was a cool idea and the song was good too. Also my friend mentioned the boy band The Wanted did a song at a vintage carnival which is a little better known and that could have been used instead.

Using a well known song for this game might have worked better but I played the video and people got a chance to listen to the song for the first time. It has inspired me to do similar games in the future, for example using well known songs/videos with lyric fill in sheets.