Thursday, 14 April 2011

Youth group – The Zig Zag game

I often play games with the youth group kids and the zig zag game went down very well. Its quite a simple game to understand with simple rules.
To play the game you have cards with words that match up on the back. Lay them on a table or the floor and go round in a circle to pick up two pieces of card. Each card has a pair for example zig and zag, daisy and chain, banana and split. The winner is the person with the most pairs at the end!

I thought of this game from my head but my inspiration for the game was paddy Mcguisiness TV show – take me out! He has catch phrases which I copied some and thought of other pairs from this source. This is the link to the tv shows home page....

These are the words I ended up using....

Zig -Zag
Belly - Button
Monkey - Nuts
Lolly - pop
Treasure - Chest
See - Saw
Cat - Cream
Bubble - Bath
Apple - Crumble
Prawn - Cracker
Whoopee - Cushion
Toad - Hole
Banana - Split
Daisy - chain
Happy - Birthday