Thursday, 14 April 2011

Happy Mother’s Day – Just for you, Mum

I gave my Mum a clothes hamper for her mother’s day present. In the hamper, there was a zebra bag, a black purse and a pink and grey zebra print scarf. I bought them from the peacock’s website online.
I was given an old shoebox, which I decorated. I used a large purple plastic bag and lined the box with this. For the cover, I used light green flower wrapping paper by Rachel Taylor, an interesting surface pattern artist, who sells products/cards/wrapping paper etc with her art on.

I love recycling old boxes, for example shoe boxes and packaging that comes through the post. I think reusing things is also more eco friendly!

My Mum loved her gift, she particularly liked the scarf, and she said it was her colours!

Purple plastic material – recycled packaging

Rachel Taylor wrapping paper - also originally bought from

Zebra bag, zebra scarf and black purse all bought from