Thursday, 14 March 2013

Mums December Birthday

My Mums birthday is in December so often I buy her birthday presents along with Christmas ones. I bought her lots of little goodies mostly from primark.

Theres always a good selection in town as it’s the lead up to Christmas. I had a good look round Primark and normally I don’t look in the homeware section but on this occasion I did.

They had some lovely throws for only £3.00 and came in lots of patterns and colours. I went for a neutral check to match our decorating in the living room.

This was her favourite present and was delighted with as it was so practical for using while watching TV etc. I bought her one or two things in the Primark sale as well as socks, gloves, nail polishes etc.

To wrap the presents I used recycled fashion magazine pages, mathematical paper and pretty bows. There was kind of vintage mix match feel going on with the wrapping design. My mum had a wonderful birthday and liked her presents.