Friday, 17 August 2012

Youth Group Game – The Pic and Mix Game

This game was very simple. I asked the children to either work in pairs or alone and list as many pic and mix sweets as they can.

The leaders joined in the game too and it was interesting for them to remember sweets they loved as a child.

The contrast with that and the modern day sweets was apparent, it was a lovely link and conversations developed between the youths and leaders.

Here is a list of sweets that I had prepared beforehand that were useful when looking through the children’s answers:

Marshmallows, Flying saucers, Fried eggs, Pear drops, Jelly Babies, Jelly beans, Milk bottles, Aniseed Balls,  Gob stoppers, Éclairs, Dolphins, Snakes, Love Hearts,  Candy Peanuts, Mint Imperials, White Mice, Jazzies, Dolly Mixtures, Jelly Strawberries, Cola Bottles, Fizzy Bottles, Dummies, Fruit salads, Turkish delight, Midget gems and Jelly cherry lips.