Friday, 18 February 2011

Thomas’s 18th - A Special Birthday

This week was my brothers 18th. I love birthdays because not only do I like buying nice presents for people, I also like wrapping them up in a nice way!
The bigger box was just two jumpers for Tom from fashion Union. I got them in the sale, £3 and £5.  I think he liked them when he opened them.

The box I used was pretty huge, I bought black congratulations birthday paper in black and decorated the top with collage and stamping. I added orange and purple cotton ribbon and tied in a bow!

The two smaller presents were DVDs; I used a red and black colour scheme for these. And the blue colour schemed box was just celebrations chocs but I think I made it more special to open with the paper and ribbon I used. I made the paper with a stencil and spray paint!